Thursday, July 2, 2009

Important Fundraiser

Today my blog is not about business..... it is about a community helping one of our own....

My colleague Bill Jack of Club Wine Tours has a 5 year old daughter named Tianna that is very ill. He is looking to all of us to help him fundraise $50,000 so Tianna and her mother Donna can go out of the country for her much-needed treatment that is not available in North America. Please see the full story below.

There are a number of ways you can help out....

1. Give cash! There is a bank account at the Bank of Montreal - Transit #09890 Account #8121079 where both cash and cheques will be accepted. If you prefer to donate with your credit card, there is a Paypal account set up - please see the link on this website.

2. Attend one of the fundraising events:
a) Summerhill Pyramid Winery fundraiser July 10, 2009 - please see this link Tickets can be purchased at Bank of Montreal on Bernard, CupCasions on Spall, Postnet on Cooper or Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

b) Fundraiser July 16, 2009 - parking lot of the Safeway on Dilworth & Hwy 97 - barbeque, live music, prizes based on level of donation, many other things going on as well!

3. Donate a silent auction item to the July 10th fundraiser or a prize to the July 16th fundraiser. Please call Bill Jack at 250-762-9951 to arrange pick-up of your donated item.

Please help give this little girl a chance at a good life! Thank-you.

If you would like more details please email Bill Jack

The full story:
Tianna has been a little fighter all her young life. Born with three holes in her heart and limited hearing, she started her life by having to fight pneumonia. Her first month was spent in an oxygen tent, receiving daily ventilations and being tube fed. Little Tianna overcame these obstacles and grew to now have a perfect heart and full hearing, but the after-effects of the ventilations affected her such that she now has crackles and density in both lungs and a collapsed lung.

Tianna has exhausted all the local treatments available to her as well as been making regular visits to Vancouver Children's Hospital. Everyone has been wonderful to her, but she is simply not getting better. Her parents Bill and Donna Jack now have at least some hope of a possible cure- if she can get to the Czech Republic to receive it. ONLY YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS MIRACLE HAPPEN BY YOUR WONDERFUL GENEROSITY!

Bill and Donna have recently found out about special treatments for children with illnesses such as Tianna has and they have been told that they have an over 70% chance of total cure. There is no guarantee, but with your help, little Tianna can at least have a chance!

Her parents need $50,000 to help cover the expense of the treatments, plus flights and accommodations for both Tianna and her mom Donna. The family has been told that an 8-week treatment may give her the miracle she needs.

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